1/18 Scheduled date of the 3rd hearing
1/12 SM’s defense applied for the change of the hearing date
1/14 JYJ’s defense submitted the written appeal as scheduled (meaning that JYJ’s defense did not agree on postponing the appeal date.)
1/17 Court decided to proceed the hearing as scheduled
SM’s defense added the financial managers of SME as their witness
1/18 One of SM’s witness did not appear in court. Because of this absence, the appeal was postponed to March

In breif, 
- The witness who did not appear in the the court today is SME’s witness.
- The absence of SME’s witness shows that who is responsible for the delay of the hearing
- JYJ’s defense asked the interim ruling or partial ruling for the case because the longer delay of ruling hampers JYJ’s entertainment activites. 

Attachment is the case records,http://twitpic.com/3r3wp6

credits: DCtvxq_gall via twitter